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View our outstanding work on social media, highlighting before, after, and healed results. Our unwavering commitment ensures consistent excellence in every procedure. For a permanent makeup appointment, book directly on our website. Your comfort and confidence are our top priorities. Contact us with questions or concerns. Consultation are available for personalized guidance.


During your appointment, we will analyze your bone structure, skin type, muscle considerations, review any reference photos, and determine the optimal technique & shape with your approval before we begin.

Color & Pigment

Next we will expertly blend and customize your ideal color, ensure you're comfortably numb, and proceed with the pigment application. Rest assured, you should experience minimal to no discomfort throughout the entire service.

Perfecting Session

In 4-6 weeks after your initial session, you'll be fully healed and ready for the perfecting session. During this appointment, we can enhance the color, blend, or darken as needed, and adjust the size if desired. Your satisfaction is our priority.

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